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I am always weary of working with realtors who call me from their list of people looking on their site.

Antonetta called me about my search of rentals. It was a bad time and I was a bit rude but she graciously just said she understood and doesn't like cold calls but if she could help me in the future to please reach out.. She texted me her business card and apologized for the interruption. I kept that text and worked with her on looking for rentals. I am Section 8 and it is hard to get accepted. Antonetta knows a lot about it and made me feel better. We have been working together to get the right location so my kids can go to a better school system and be safer. She has been so patient and supportive . She is a professional and friend!


We were searching for a rental last year and called Antonetta on her listing.

It wasn't what we were looking for, but we were fortunate to meet Antonetta and work with her on our search. She was very responsive and helped us find a nice p;ace that fit our budget and location needs, Thank you. MC


I have to admit I always thought that if you worked with a Realtor you were stuck with them and I didn’t want to feel pressured.

I met Antonetta at an Open house she was hosting. I go to Open houses to look and not feel pressured. I was the last to be leaving and we started chatting . I made a connection with Antonetta. She is so easy to talk to because she’s a good listener. I am renting right now because of my job situation which Antonetta helped with but keeping in touch with Antonetta when I can buy my first house. Give her a call !


I found Antonetta by posting on a FB group page asking for a "nice realtor" to deal with when I look to move to Edison.

I got swamped with names and info. Antonetta private messaged me to welcome me and wished me well and didn't push herself just said to reach out anytime. I looked at her picture a while and decided she looked like a calm person. I didn't know what to do first as I was always renting and scared to say Buy. We chatted a few times and I came in to meet Antonetta. She showed me around and picked a few condos and small homes to get a feel . After a few months of my procrastinating we saw a nice condo where I felt comfortable. Antonetta was there for me the whole time with her office team . She's my new friend and favorite "nice" realtor. signed, Carolynne


I am gladly writing this review!

I came to Edison to stay with my family's friends while on a business trip to Metropark. I commuted to NYC a few times for meetings and drove to Metropark to work where I was given a station for a couple of months. I liked the area and the commute was good. You could get nice land and homes and everyone raved about the schools. After a year, iI was offered a position I couldn't pass up in Metropark. My wife and I asked my aunt to look into a realtor to work with. My wife is very picky and we needed someone with special skills to get through the process. My aunt had seen Antonatta's picture in a local ad and felt that she may be the one she liked Antonetta's blue jacket. So, we called Antonetta and had a couple of long Facetime chats and we came in to meet in person and get pre-approved for a mortgage. All the while, Antonetta would send us information on properties as well as check out all the properties my wife would ask about. Antonetta went and pre-viewed properties for us so we wouldn't waste time on our visits. It took us a good 7 months of looking but we found the right house, on the right side and by the schools and close to Metropark. Antonetta helped us with movers and contractors. I definitely recommend working with Antoetta McHam . signed. KAZ


I have to rent and it's not easy when you are tagged as Section 8, I called Antonetta on a listing and she was so nice.

Other realtors would just turn off and not call me back when I said I had this attached to me. She cared about my kids being in schools close by and my mom's not able to do a lot of steps. We found something that was nice, worked and was approved. Antonetta worked really well with our rep and landlord to get us in a place and not have to stay in a hotel long. Ske's a good person which makes a good realtor. Thank you so much, Antonetta ! Come by for coffee.


I was new to New Jersey and asked new friends on the train if they knew of any nice and patient realtors in the Edison area.

I was immediately directed to Antonetta. My friends couldn't say enough good things about Antonetta. They both had worked with Antonetta to rent when they came into town and then find them their first homes. Antonetta kept in touch with them and was not pushy. That was important to me. I am not great at following up and don't like to feel pushed. So, once I went and sat with Antonetta, we connected immediately on what I want and she helped me get things in place. I met with her mortgage advisor to get pre-approved, she took me around town to meet local bankers and eat at her favorite small local places in and around Edison and Metuchen. She even gave me shopping and cooking tips. I ended up buying a wonderful condo for now and will call Antonetta when my now fiance and I are ready to buy our new home together. LAG

Laurel A.Grey

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